AV Creations


Detailed Down to the Decibel


AV Creations! That’s our name and we live by it. We love to create spaces filled with audible and visual features which are easily controlled through smart interfaces. Our company started from a passion of building speakers out of a garage and slowly grew to what it is today, integrating a/v system’s in some of GTA’s most beautiful homes and successful businesses. From early on we learned the process in which it takes to build something great. Today through our company AV Creations we hope to share our passion and knowledge with our customers, so that together we can create the spaces that they have always envisioned.


Building intuitive systems that are easily accessible and effortless to use all from one place.



Securing your home to give you peace of mind while youre away.




Whether it be a Home Theater or your bedroom; we believe in creating the perfect enviroment to kick back and enjoy.

Residential Services

Commercial Services

Why Are We Different?

Being homeowners ourselves, we understand the complexities and hesitations that renovating or upgrading your home can bring. At AV Creations we take pride in every one of our projects as if they were our own and strive to turn your dream into reality. Our team loves to create lasting friendships with each of our clients. The technology industry is forever changing and we are always learning to provide the most up to date information to educate our clients. Give us a call to see what we are all about!

Our Core Values

Positive and pro-active mind set.

We create systems that go above and beyond our clients’ wish-list. We like to make sure our systems not only work right now, but are also futureproof. 

Yes we will find a way to do it attitude!

We will rarely ever say no – instead we will work hard to deliver the solution which the client has requested, despite any technical challenges we may face along the way.

Enjoying the process.

We believe the best results are achieved when we are having fun and enjoying the process as much as the final product.

Being detailed!

Detailed down to the decibel! That’s our motto. Our team ensures every detail is looked after. You will be impressed by what you see and be confident that we are detailed even behind the scenes.

Where We Work

AV Creations operates in the greater Toronto area. Over the years we have established ourselves with home owners, contractors and builders as a reputable a/v company in the GTA. Our work mainly falls within the residential and commercial sectors. Our experienced, knowledgeable and creative team has been involved in building some of Ontario’s most beautiful homes and successful businesses.